Yoga Journal - How to guide

Yoga Journal - How to guide

yoga journal 

To write a yoga journal can be hard but also very rewarding for the yoga practice and the process of learning about yourself. Writing has never been easy for me. It has never been but over the years when I have taken yoga classes thoughts, and reflections are surfacing. Maybe the teacher says something outstanding in class, and I try to make a mental note of that but after the shower and lunch that it is "gone with the wind" with my short memory span. What I have been missing is an excellent way to save these notes. What I have been missing is a yoga journal.

These days I do a lot of home practice and when we created the personal dashboard in Yogateket, we wanted it to be as practical and easy for our community to maintain a good yoga practice with functions like, setting weekly practice goals, save favorite yoga classes or picking up the yoga challenge right where you left off, and now also you can write a yoga journal straight from the dashboard and save to your personal notes.

Writing a diary will be another tool in your “yoga toolbox,” and it can help a to get out more of your yoga practice. So here are some tips on how to get started if it doesn’t come naturally and you have a little struggle like me.

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